Sunday, April 22, 2012

Topo Sports now has an Import Manager

We are pleased to announce the release of new version (v 8.2) of the TopoSports app. The new version adds support for the following:

  • Import Manager
  • Track /route overlay improvements.
Import Manager

The import manager
lets you import routes and waypoints from GPX and KML files. The Import Manager is accessible from:
  • The homescreen of the app.
  • Via menu from the map screen.

The import manager let you import GPX and KML files that are stored:
  • Locally on the device
  • Remotely over the web: You must know the http url of the GPX or KML file for importing remotely.
We've tried to support most commonly used elements used in GPX and KML files found on the web. The app even tries its best to figure out if the file is compressed and automatically uncompress it before import. If for some reason, the app is unable to handle your file, please contact us by email and we will try our best to support it.

Once the files are imported, they are accessible via the "Imported Routes/Tracks" and "Imported WayPoints" items in the Import Manager. Please note that only imported routes and waypoints are accessible from these items. To view tracks that you've recorded manually, you need to click on the "View Recorded Tracks" item.

Route/Track overlay improvements

With the new version you would notice much smoother route/track overlay paths, compared to the previous versions. Like all our updates, this one is backward compatible.

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