Thursday, February 23, 2023

Ontario lakes (Lac Nepewassi) boating and fishing

 i-Boating includes detailed vector charts of inland lakes in Ontario for boating and fishing. Its the largest collection of contour maps for popular Ontario lakes. 

All maps can be downloaded for offline use to your device (Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android). Once downloaded you can study lake topography, identify structure and mark potential fishing spots. GPS features are supported on all platforms and work well on all inland lakes without internet connectivity.

Lake Nepewassi Depth Map

Lake Nepewassi Fishing Map

Lake Nepewassi Boating Map

Thursday, February 16, 2023

Australia & New Zealand inland lakes

 We have been working to constantly improve our coverage for inland lakes in Australia and New Zealand. We have prioritized lakes and water bodies that have been requested by our customers. If you have the i-Boating app, please update your maps to get access to the new lakes that have been added. If your favorite lake is still missing, please let us know so that we can  follow up on it.

Australia Inland Lakes Fishing Maps

Australia Inland Lakes Fishing Maps

Australia Inland Lakes Fishing Maps

Friday, October 21, 2022

Visualize GPX files in the browser over Marine Charts

One of our team members built a GPX file visualizer using the i-Boating Web API.

You can  try the viewer yourself at the link below:

Simply click on the "Choose File" button on the top. Point it to your GPX File and that's it.

Monday, August 29, 2022

i-Boating Comprehensive Marine Weather Forecasts with harsh patterns highlighted

The latest update for i-Boating includes support for comprehensive marine weather forecasts. You can now animate forecast overlays on the map for the following prediction parameters. Forecast overlays can be customized using comfortable parameters to highlight harsh patterns.

  • Wind
  • Wave Heights
  • Precipitation
  • Pressure
  • Air Temperature
  • Gust
You can also customize weather overlays using comfortable weather settings. If the forecast does not match your comfortable settings, the harsh patterns are highlighted on the map.

Marine Weather Forecast Overlay

Harsh Weather forecasts highlighted

Comfortable Weather Settings

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Night mode /Dark mode in i-Boating.

 The latest update for i-Boating includes support for night mode color schemes. The update is available on all platforms - iOS, Android, Windows and MacOS.

Here is how to enable it.

  • Tap menu/more button and select Settings
  • Scroll down and change color scheme to "Dark"
  • Tap Save

I've included a few screenshots in night mode.

i-Boating Night / Dark Mode

i-Boating Night / Dark Mode

i-Boating Night / Dark Mode

Friday, April 1, 2022

America's Great Loop

 The i-Boating app includes detailed HD charts for America's Great Loop.  including

  • Atlantic & Gulf Intracoastal Waterways
  • Great Lakes
  • Canadian Hertz Canals
  • Inland Rivers of America's Heartland

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Automatic Boat Routing - Slip to Slip

 The latest version of i-Boating includes support for automatic boat routing between points. Simply enter the boat's draft and the app will find the best route between the two points It is available on all supporting platforms including Windows, MacOS, Android & iOS. You can even try it on the web on our marine navigation chart viewer website.

This is what the i-Boating Routing Engine would automatically do:

  • Avoid Known Obstructions / Hazards
  • Safe for Boat's Draft: All route legs going through shallows are marked in red
  • Optimized for Fuel, Distance and Time
  • GPS Enabled Route Assistance with Voice Alerts
  • Fuel , Time Estimator
  • All Features available with manual routes - save, share, re-edit etc.