Thursday, May 23, 2024

Relief Shading - for European waters.

 As we continue to expand support for Relief Shading in the i-Boating app, we have added a first version that adds support for relief shaded underwater terrain for parts of Europe - including major inland lakes, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, England etc.

I've included a few screenshots below.

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Florida Reef Maps

 Do you know that the  i-Boating app  includes detailed under water relief imagery for Florida reefs?

The Relief layer clearly shows the under water structure for the reef. Here is what it looks like.

Simply enable the relief layer in the i-Boating app.
Here is a youtube tutorial video we have created that shows how to enable relief layer in the i-Boating app.

Relief Shading on Windows and MacOS

 Do you know that i-Boating app is natively supported on both Windows and MacOS devices? This includes all advanced layers and features like Relief Shading.

Here is how to turn on the Relief Shading layer in the Windows and MacOS app.

  • Tap more button and select Settings
  • Check the box that says "Relief Shading"
  • Tap Save

I've included before and after screenshots indicating where the controls are and how it looks.

i-Boating search engine - auto suggest, explore marinas and ramps.

 We are pleased to announce another major update to the i-Boating app we have been working on for months. It's the availability of a new AI powered search engine, designed specifically for recreational boating and fishing. 

  • Access search engine by tapping on the search icon on top left
  • The new engine automatically suggests as you type in
  • If you are looking for lakes around you, please enable "Search Nearby". Make sure that the map is re-centered to your current location for most effective results.
  • Explore nearby ramps and marinas

The new binaries that support the new i-Boating search engine have already started rolling out. Its supported on all platform where i-Boating is supported.