Friday, April 27, 2012

Topo Sports HD for Playbook now available.

We are pleased to announce the release of TopoSports HD for Playbook. The app supports all the features that the blackberry phone version of the app supports. In addition to that, for Playbook, in auto follow mode, the map automatically rotates so that its always facing course up.

Here is the link to download the app directly from AppWorld.

TopoSports HD for Playbook, offers fully offline, GPS accurate, high quality Topo maps covering entire USA(Alaska coming soon),  Canada & New Zealand (NEW!!) for outdoor sports enthusiasts - bikers, hikers etc.  The app gives you access to 70000+ quads that cover almost all of USA, Canada & New Zealand. US data is derived from USGS 1:24K DRGs . Canada data is derived from NRCan 1:50K Toporama  DRGs.  New Zealand data is derived from 1:50K DRGs published by LINZ. The app also provides offline access to Geographic Names data for downloaded quads imported from GNIS/NRCan/LINZ.

Here is a complete list of features supported in the app:
  • Download topo maps of any quad  in USA/Canada/New Zealand for offline usage.
    •  Download 1:24K scale maps for US. For Canada & New Zealand the maps have 1:50K scale.
  •  Seamless mosaicing of quads
  •  Distance/Bearing tool
  •  Create custom way points either using your current location or via manual selection.
  •  Geographic names layer for each quad
  •  Pan/zoom/locate yourself
  •  Record GPS tracks
    •  Supports built in GPS. Currently the Recording of GPS tracks works only while Playbook device screen is on/ device is not sleeping.
  •   View tracks overlay
  •   Live track animation
  •  Track analytics/stats
  •   Export tracks in GPX format to SDCard.
  •   Import routes and waypoints from file/web.
  •  Auto Follow mode
    •  The app continuously updates your location on the map in auto follow mode.
    •  The map automatically rotates so that it is always facing course up.

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