Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Lake Breakdowns for Fishing

 The i-Boating app includes lake breakdowns for fishing for mapped inland lakes worldwide. This is made possible by the Fishing AI™. I recently discussed in a youtube post how Fishing AI works.

Its like having a fishing professor do the lake breakdown to identify areas that are great for fishing.

  • Available for all inland lakes worldwide
  • Get  GPS coordinates for fishing breaklines and spots to use in your fish finder
  • Narrow down the part of the structure where you should focus
  • Aid for tournament preparation & fishing strategies from the comfort of your couch

Saturday, August 5, 2023

i-Boating tops the most respected, unbiased, consumer reports like survey of Marine Navigation Apps by Captain Farmer

 i-Boating recently topped the most respected, unbiased, consumer reports like  survey of marine navigation apps. The survey was done by Captain John Farmer (Retired).  I call this a consumer reports like survey because Captain Farmer purchased all the apps included in the survey at retail, just like consumers. I have embedded below the youtube video of the review