Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Automatic Boat Routing - Slip to Slip

 The latest version of i-Boating includes support for automatic boat routing between points. Simply enter the boat's draft and the app will find the best route between the two points It is available on all supporting platforms including Windows, MacOS, Android & iOS. You can even try it on the web on our marine navigation chart viewer website.

This is what the i-Boating Routing Engine would automatically do:

  • Avoid Known Obstructions / Hazards
  • Safe for Boat's Draft: All route legs going through shallows are marked in red
  • Optimized for Fuel, Distance and Time
  • GPS Enabled Route Assistance with Voice Alerts
  • Fuel , Time Estimator
  • All Features available with manual routes - save, share, re-edit etc.

Monday, March 14, 2022

Bassmaster Elite at Lake Marion and Moultrie, SC

 Bassmaster Elite is back on  Santee Cooper Lakes, SC from Mar 17-20. Competing anglers would have access to Lake Marion, Lake Moultrie and the Diversion canal that connects the two lakes. The general consensus seems to be that this will be a shallow water contest. You can follow the coverage of the event online at bassmaster.com.

i-Boating teams has been working to improve the coverage quality of these tournament lakes. The latest version shows all fish attractors, channels, HD contours, recommended track, navigation buoys, boat ramps, marinas etc.

Thursday, March 3, 2022

Bassmaster classic 2022 at Lake Hartwell, Greenville, SC

 Are you going to be following the Bassmaster classic 2022 this weekend (Mar 4 - Mar 6)?  Its in Lake Hartwell, Greenville, SC.

Start shallow or deep? The general consensus seem to be that best bite will be in shallow waters.Is there any  particular elite angler that you are rooting for?

The i-Boating fishing app has been consistently improving our coverage for Lake Hartwell Topography over the years.