Thursday, March 25, 2021

Temporal wind prediction overlays

 The latest version of i-Boating for Android and iOS includes support for temporal wind prediction overlays.

  • Wind speed and true direction forecast for 3 days at 3 hour intervals.
  • Use the play back bar on top to play/pause the wind animation or go to a specific time.
  • Select a specific time for wind prediction from a list
  • Tap anywhere on the map to view exact wind prediction speed and direction
  • Use barb notation to estimate wind speed at a point.

Friday, March 12, 2021

Lake Muskoka , Rousseau & Joseph ENC chart

 The i-Boating lake depth maps now includes ENC charts covering lake Muskoka, Lake Rousseau and Lake Joseph.

The update is available on all platforms (iOS, Android, Windows and MacOS). The latest update includes HD bathymetry, navigation buoys, hazards , recommended tracks and other ENC layers.

I've included few screenshots below: