Tuesday, November 16, 2010

BerrySki is now GpsSkiMaps - now on Android® & Blackberry®

We've released a new updated version of BerrySki for 2010-11 season. This year the app is called 'GpsSkiMaps' and is available for both Android and Blackberry devices.

This year the app supports 109 ski resorts in N. America. You can find the complete list of supported ski resorts here. We were able to add majority of the ski resorts that were requested for the app last year. If you see your favorite ski resort missing please send us an email.

This year the app has been updated with new features. You can find the complete features here.
Some of the newly included features are:

  • View POIs
  • Search POIs
  • View Seasons or Lifelong Summary (If you used the app last year, you would f ind it useful)
  • Create Custom WayPoints
  • Distance Bearing Tool
  • Trail by trail elevation analysis.
Included below is the app in action on Android devices.

There was a lot of work done behind the scenes to make the analysis even better. GpsSkiMaps is the only app to do on device analysis that is not done by any software (mobile or desktop or web based).

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