Thursday, September 23, 2010

TopoSports now covers Canada and USA

Hello Canada!
We are thrilled to announce that we have now added support for Canada Topomaps in our TopoSports product. Now you can also download 1:50K topo maps covering entire Canada, published by NRCan (Natural Resources Canada). Please upgrade to the latest version of TopoSports by clicking on Check For Updates feature on your app.

You can download NRCan Toporama quads by:
  • Searching for quads by feature name, or
  • Using Show Nearby Quads

For convenience, we have also created a list of featured quads covering popular destinations like "Banff National Park" etc.

The "official" list of features in this release include:
  • Support for Canada!
  • Renaming the quads as you wish (a small but often requested feature).
  • Double clicking MyLocation shows the Latitude, Longitude, and elevation details.
  • On POI screen, press a character key to directly jump to first POI starting with that character.

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