Thursday, June 22, 2023

Fishing Hotspots AI

 We are pleased to announce a major update to the i-Boating application. All our customers now have access to the Fishing AI, a large scale AI model that emulates an expert angler to identify fishing breaklines and fishing hotspots.

Some of the variables that it takes into account are:

  • Lake bathymetry/topography
    • Point Bars
    • Humps / Underwater Islands
    • Channels
    • Saddles
    • Artificial / Man Made Structures
    • River Bed
    • Ledges
    • Side Feeder Streams
    • Pits
    • And more...
  • Local Knowledge for a lake gained over the years
  • Weather Patterns
  • Vegetation Maps

I have included a tutorial video showing this in action.

It is available on all platforms - Android, iOS, Windows and MacOS. 

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