Friday, November 22, 2019

External GPS with i-Boating on Windows and Macbook

i-Boating supports using external GPS receivers (USB, Bluetooth, serial port etc) on both Windows and Macbook. It is important that you use the latest version.

You can download the software directly from the links below:

Setting up GPS with i-Boating on Windows and Macbook

If GPS isn't configured, the application will prompt you to configure it.
You can configure it anytime using the steps below:

  • Tap more button in the action bar on the bottom left
  • Tap on Setting
  • In Settings screen, tap on GPS Settings
  • Select the device that matches your GPS. On Windows, its usually some COM port. On Mac you will see a different name.
  • Tap Save


  1. Having done that how do you get the program to actually track from the GPS. My GPS is working fine on Com 5, 4800 Baud Data bits 8 Dtop bits 1 on other mapping programs BUT on I Boating, nothing, the cursor simply sits wherever you put it and it does not matter which buttons you press that's where it stays, the program simply ignores the GPS input.

  2. Still no response from i boating I see.

    1. And, of course the illustrations above don't match what appears on the screen of your computer.

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