Wednesday, August 2, 2017

External USB and Bluetooth GPS over COM/Serial port for Windows 10 laptops/PCs/tablets.

We have pushed a latest package for our Windows 10 i-Boating application for desktops. Starting version i-Boating for Windows supports GPS devices over COM/Serial ports.  Most GPS drivers make the device available as a serial port/COM port device.

This would allow  our customers to use their external USB and bluetooth GPS devices on their Windows devices.

  • Plug in your USB GPS or pair your bluetooth GPS. Note that this needs to be done outside the app. You must verify that your device appears under serial port in device manager.
  • Tap on menu/more/overflow button on top right and select "Settings".
  • Tap on button that says "Built in Gps Provider (Tap to Change)"
  • Select GPS over Serial/COM port.
  • This will list all serial/COM port devices. Select the device you wish to use.
  • It is important that you configure the baud rate, device bits and parity for your device. These settings vary across devices.
  • Tap on "Save Selected Device"
Once that is done, AutoFollow, Track Recording and other GPS features would use GPS over serial port.


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  3. Select the device to which you want to send the message and then proceed to send it. If you wish to communicate through Bluetooth from a device that is not Bluetooth-enabled, it is necessary to install Bluetooth drivers.

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