Thursday, July 7, 2016

Lake Muritz, Lake Boodensee, Odra river and more...

We have recently added coverage for the following regions. I've also added a few screenshots for Lake Muritz at the end.

  • Lake Muritz
  • Lake Constance/Boodensee
  • Odra river....
Please use the following steps to get this update:
  1. Delete old maps, (This step is important. New map cells are not downloaded if older ones exist).
  2. Re-download map cells.
Deleting old maps

  • Tap menu/overflow button on top right(for Android, its lower right for iPhone) and select "Settings"
  • In settings screen, scroll down and tap on "Delete All Maps"
Downloading new maps
  • -Tap on download icon on top left on your  device.. This will show download grid.
  • - Tap to select grid cells you wish to download.  If a grid cell is already downloaded it will show as green.
  • - Tap "Press to Download

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