Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Advanced instrumentation(Wind, Sonar depth, temperature, GPS over NMEA) now available for Android devices

We are pleased to announce that our latest update for Android now includes support for Advanced instrumentation:

  • NMEA over TCP/UDP: Now, you can connect to your instruments over TCP as well as UDP.
  • GPS over NMEA: If you would like to use external GPS or if your device does not have a built in GPS, the app can now read GPS data from your instruments.
  • Wind direction: The application also shows the wind direction as yellow arrow next to the  current location. To view wind direction on the map, you must tap on Auto Follow. Otherwise it is just shows as text on top of the map.
  • Wind speed
  • Sonar depth
  • Water temperature

You can find more details at the link below:

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