Monday, February 8, 2016

SonarPhone Fish Finder/Depth Finder now available in i-Boating app

We have worked very closely with Vexilar, a leading marine electronics company to add support for SonarPhones. Using this Sonar/GPS combo, i­Boating app users will have incredible insight into their fishing spot, what the underwater structure is like and where the monsters are swimming.

Connect Multiple Devices, each with customized Sonar Displays

Multiple devices running i­Boating app can connect to the same SonarPhoneTM, with individually customized Sonar displays. Each i­Boating client can customize the following even if they are connected to the same SonarPhoneTM.
  • Background (Blue, Greyscale or White)
  • Temperature unit (Celsius or Farenheit)
  • Depth unit (Feet or metre)
  • Chart Speed
  • Fish Symbols/Depth
  • Keel offset
  • Temperature offset
  • Fish Alarm
  • Depth Alarm

Auto Follow with Real Time Track Overlay

An adjustable height split screen enables you to look at realtime depth and water temperature along with yourlocation on the map. In Sonar mode, the app turns on auto follow:
  • Continuously update device’s location on the chart.
    • This is the standard moving map that shows device’s position on the chart
  • Real time track overlay of the course you have sailed so far.
    • This shows the course you have already sailed in dark red/brown color. This gives you an idea ofhow you got to your current location.
  • Direction arrow showing a boat’s location if current course is maintained
    • This is helpful to avoid any sailing hazards esp if you are sailing for fun and not following a pre­defined route.

Sonar Logging/Free HD Bathymetry maps

i­Boating Route Manager now includes support for Sonar Logs. Share your Sonar Logs with i­Boating
community and contribute to the creation of HD bathymetry maps for your waterbody.

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