Wednesday, January 18, 2012

TopoSports now supports Auto Follow mode

We've updated Toposports to version 6.1. This version of the app has the following two features:

  • Auto Follow mode
  • Digital zoom

Auto Follow Mode

When the auto follow mode is on, the app continuously updates your current location on the map at regular interval. The refresh frequency defaults to once every 3 seconds but can be changed by changing the interval value under Options.

To enable this do the following:
  • Open the quad map
  • Press menu and select 'Auto Follow'
The indicator at the bottom right of your screen would first show "Scan". Once the device locks to satellites, it would turn to "Follow". When the indicator is set to "Follow", the app would continuously update your location on the screen.

Digital zoom

The latest version of the app adds an additional layer of zoom to all the quads. While the app has had this option for almost an year now, it has been made default with this release. It can enabled/disabled via the corresponding check box under Options.

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