Thursday, November 26, 2009

BerrySki has been BerryReviewed!!

Ronen Halvey at BerryReview kindly reviewed BerrySki today.
Here is the link to Ronen's post.
Please check it out.

We would like to address why BerrySki is priced like this. BerrySki's maps are vector maps. In short it means that these maps are more than just images. The maps enable us to do queries like "what's the name of trail you are on", "what is the name of the nearest lift" etc. This allows us to do detailed run analytics and provide cool features like virtual race with friends.

Using run analytics for virtual racing

You can use this feature for casual racing with your friends on the mountain, without a race coordinator to say "GO" or the need of start and end line. Infact you and your friend don't have to start at the same time for racing. All you need to do is turn on track recording and at the end of the run see how much time your friend took to do that trail. The reason it works is because the start and the end lines for a trail are automatically built into the map since the software knows where the trail starts and where it ends.
Infact you can also use this feature to see how better you get as you do the same trail over and over again. All you need to do is compare the trail level details for your individual runs.

These vector maps are licensed and the licensing cost reflects in the tiered products.

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